Welcome. It’s good to have you drop in on my website. In addition to writing novels (I have more in my head than I can possibly finish) I have thoughts from time to time that I find appropriate to write about.

So, what is the purpose of this website? So far I have penned three ‘heavy’ mysteries examining the best and the worst of the human condition. I do so based upon the fact that I have witnessed human behavior befitting the characters in my books. I have a hard time understanding how some people can treat others with such contempt. My books, ‘Bad Intentions’, ‘The Dryline’, and “Shiny Side Down’ are murder mysteries – and they represent a trilogy concerning the juxtaposition of amoral behavior and ultimate greed against living a life of strong ethical behavior. Because I often speak on topics related to ethics and leadership – the human condition – and since one can learn as much from bad behavior as good behavior, I have found writing mysteries a good way to balance one against the other. Following the final book of The Seiler Murder Mystery trilogy, future books will include positive leadership, a beautiful love story, and, yes, another mystery (to whet your appetite, it occurs in New Orleans).

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