The Basic Question:

How Do You Want to Live Your Life?

Like this?

Or like this?

The human condition – the sum of our experiences, relationships, values, expectations, capabilities, and spirit – is the lynchpin for what each of us can achieve over a lifetime.  I am far from perfect in living out my life, but I do believe the final ‘book’ on Grubbs will have something in it about (1) being a pretty honest guy, and (2) laughing a lot more than whining.  My experiences have allowed me to interact with some of the finest people on earth – and a few really bad apples. I strongly recommend that you spend some time examining how others lived (or are living) their lives.  For starters, try comparing Joshua Chamberlain to Bernie Madoff.  Then you might consider looking at the life you have lived.

Let me close with a comment about a Neil Diamond song – ‘Done Too Soon’.  It’s a short song that goes through a litany of names – names of the greatest and the worst people of history.  But the key to his song are the last few words:

‘. . . and each one there,

has one thing shared.

They have sweated beneath the same sun,

and looked up in wonder at the same moon,

and wept when it was all done,

for being done too soon.’

You don’t know how many days you have left on this planet – use each day as a bag full of extraordinary possibilities.  Achieve and make a positive difference in the lives of others.