Saving the Post Office – and Your Sanity

I have the opportunity to go to the Post Office quite a bit . . . and it is not much fun. The agents behind the counter are as nice as can be, they smile, and they seem competent to me. But what bothers me beyond belief is that the U.S. Post Office is taking valuable time out of our lives. Let’s say I’m going in to mail a simple book (it’s called ‘media mail’). I tell the agent that “I don’t want anything, I just want to mail the book.” He/she then goes through a litany of questions, none of which apply to me or make my life better. It’s just a waste of time and it gets frustrating after the first few visits to the Post Office. Assume that 20,000,000 people each make 15 visits to the Post Office each year, and that these unnecessary questions take up 18 seconds for each visit. This scenario results in two realities: First – the total time out of human life amounts to more than 171 years of lost time each year; Secondly – most of the people will feel just a touch of unnecessary stress. Of course, note that my simple math does NOT take into account that every time there is a line, each person in line has to wait just a little longer. It makes no sense so I beseech the USPS to stop doing it. It will be better for us – and better for them.

I’m going to ask Andy Rooney to do a piece on this subject as his part of “60 Minutes”.