Who is he?

Grubbs Gang 2014

Born in San Antonio, Texas…traveled around as an Air Force brat….returned to San Antonio for high school.  Joined the Army after a very bad year in college.  The Army taught me it’s not ‘work OR play’, it’s ‘work AND play’.  Since breaking the code, I’ve had a wonderful life….full career in the Army (enlisted in 1959, commissioned from West Point in 1964, Vietnam, numerous troop assignments, retired in 1998)…great education….spent eight years in New Orleans with the Tulane University School of Engineering.  On the weather front the score was Hurricane Katrina “1” – Grubbs “0”.  My wife, Judy, and I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Together, we founded Simon-Meyer, Charlotte, LLC, a construction consulting firm.  I’ve coached kids basketball and soccer, jumped out of airplanes, skied, played hoops for over 60 years, and traveled over a large part of our planet.  I work hard and I play hard.  Above all else, I love Judy deeply. We have three wonderful daughters, seven granddaughters, and – surprisingly – one grandson appropriately named ‘Jack’.    I’m not hanging anything up and plan to do what I please for however long I can march to my personal drummer.  I still consult on leadership, write for the enjoyment of it, and shoot hoops in the driveway. My vertical leap is as good as ever…three inches.

Here I am enjoying a fine, relaxed meal, as a West Point plebe (between football player Tom Kerns and Roy Buckner at end of table). Those were the days (1960).